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The Tang Dynasty
Introduction of Chaoyang Theater
  • Chaoyang Theatre, established in 1984, appointed as "Performing Fixed Place for Tourist" in 1986 and named as the advanced collectivity of national culture in 2001, is mainly a place for acrobatics performance. The theatre was used in the respects of singing, dancing, dramas, and other big performance for guests and tourists at home and abroad in the middle and latter half of the 1980s. After the period, acrobatics became the main performance in this theatre.After more than ten years
characteristic management, Chaoyang theatre is a famous acrobatics brand in Beijing.
Located in No.36, Dong San Huan Bei Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, lying in the area of CBS business center, Chaoyang Theater has been an important performance place with its excellent location, convenient transportation and humanizing space. Its wonderful acrobatics performance has won high appraisal from visitors from western countries, successfully set up a bridge for foreigners to know more about China. It also shows the extensive and profound acrobatic arts in China. Relying on scientific management, Chaoyang Theater still trys its best to make first-class service and meet the requirement of different people.
  Time Price
Bai Yu Tang Theatre 19:00~21:30 RMB: 160 US $24
Chaoyang Theatre 19:15 RMB: 140 US $21
  • Hoop Diving on the table

    This is an item developed from "Leaping through Rings ". It was known as "Swallow Play" more than two thousand years ago because the performers imitated the flying movements of swallows as they leapt nimbly through the narrow mat rings. It was also called "Dashing Through Narrows". The performers are graceful and agile in their movements and demonstrate incredible dexterity.
  • Spring-Board Stunts

    Through leaps and somersaults in the air, the acrobats perform graceful movements which give the audience an excellent demonstration of acrobatic art.
  • Contortion

    The main essence of this performance is pliability, so the performers must have excellent physical quality. Also, this program has gained high praise by once performance in Japan, Korea, and France.
  • Kicking Bowl

    This program needs tacit cooperation among performers. With the improvement after the public performance in Beijing in 2001, it has also praised by audience both home and abroad.
  • Cycling Feats

    In this act, two types of cycles are used: monocycles on which the acrobats adroitly perform various beautiful postures; and bicycles on which they also display a variety of postures on the bicycle, of which the beautiful tableau of a peacock fanning its feathers is the best.
  • Tight-Wire Feats
    Known as "Rope-Walking" or "Walking on a rope" in ancient China, it is a traditional performance dating back 2000 years to the Han Dynasty. Walking on a wire instead of a rope is a renovation illustrating new vigor and skills. The acrobat uses somersault dexterity, which is a basic acrobatic skill, to perform such difficult feats as cart-wheels and somersaults on a trembling wire.