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Victoria Cruises
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Cruise Size: Length: A,98.6m; B,106m; C,89.4m; D,89.4m; E,89.4m; F,85.5m; G,73.2m
·Width: A,15.2m; B,16.6m;C,16.4m; D,16.4m; E,16.4m; F,14.4m; G,12.8m
·Gross Tonnage:A,5780T; B,6200T;C,4587T; D,4587T; E,4587T; F,3868T; G,2428T

Remarks:The only American cruise line on the Yangtze River managed by international multi-lingual cruise directors ;
One of the valuable cruises on Yangtze River,Redecoration in 2002-2005,every cabin has a private balcony and bathtub(except Rose); Victoria Cruises,Being the only American managed cruise fleet on Yangtze River, Victoria Series was the most preferred vessel for Yangtze Cruising by our overseas clients in 2004 with its superior amenities and hospitality.
Designed for maximum comfort, flexibility and maneuverability, and with their special double-bottom hulls, the Victoria Cruises ships epitomize safe and smooth navigation on the Yangtze's spectacular twists and turns.For a traveler through China, stepping aboard a Victoria ship is like entering a different world. The atrium lobby, with its chandeliers, rich carpet and gleaming woods promises luxury. The uniformed staff gives each guest a warm welcome and swift check in. Though the ships are in China, the ambiance is Western and the line's American management shows.