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ELing Park
  • The ELing Park is located in the Changjiang Road, Yuzhong District. The park was first built in 1909 as a private garden of a rich businessman named Lee yaoting, and called “courteous park” at that time.

    ELing means goose hill in Chinese, because its narrow shape looks like the nape of goose. This park faces Yangtze River to

    south, Jialing River to north, and downtown area of Chongqing to east, it is about 350 meters high above the level. Attracted by its beautiful scenery, many famous people have stayed or visited here.

    The park has many towers, pavilions and bamboos. And the office used to be the Britain and Australian embassy during the anti-Japan war. The flat houses in this park used to be the turkey embassy. Visitors could view the entire city from here. The Park is also proud of a group of limestone caves with underground stalactites in various shapes and streams. Very close to the downtown area, so it’s convenient for travelers to have a visit.