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Longji Terraces
  • About 27 km southeast of Longsheng County, 80 km north of Guilin City, is a vast region of terraced rice fields-Longji Terraces. Although there are terraces everywhere in the mountain area of South China, it is extraordinary to see a terrace as big as the dragon ridge terrace. It is the most amazing in the world. The Longji Terraces was built in Yuan Dynasty and was still going on until the beginning

    of Qing Dynasty for more than 650 years. Today, it is still actively maintained and farmed.

    Covering an area of 66 square kilometers and spanning an altitude between 300 meters and 1100 meters, the Longji Terraces is a beautiful natural picture. The linked together rice terraces different from season to season. In spring, the water is irrigated into the fields and the terraces look like great chains or ribbons hung on the hillsides. In summer, green waves rush continuously down the mountainside from the heaven. Autumn is the harvest season, at that time, the mountainside decorated with the gold of ripened millet. When it comes to winter, the whole mountain will be covered with white snow, which is so beautiful and vivid like dragons playing in the snow.

    Besides the charming scenery, visitors can experience the culture of Zhuang and the Yao nationalities, especially the Zhuang nationality, even stay with local families enjoying the Longji tea.