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Sanya Bay
  • Sanya Bay enjoys the longest beach in Sanya. Here, you can find the world-class luxury of the Palm Beach Resort & Spa, Holiday Inn Sanya Bay and Tianfuyuan Resort, which will serve to please all the visitors. In addition, its superb location offers an easy access to Sanya Phoenix International Airport.

    Sanya Bay is a great place to suck up the sunshine, relax and

    enjoy the relaxed ambience. The night market is vigorously enchanting with seafood, stores selling all kinds of weird and wonderful wares. While enjoying your private time, you will find the colorful life of the local people, which reflects the richness of traditional costumes, music, dance, food and handicrafts. In the daytime, you can see many old people do fishing along the seashore. In the evening, many local people sit under the palm trees chatting and looking at the vast South China Sea. Some people also set the seaside barbecue stalls to entertain themselves. However, compared to the beaches in Yalong Bay and Dadonghai Bay, the beach in Sanya Bay is not very suitable for swimming as the international harbor of Phoenix Harbor located here. Along Sanya Bay, there are a lot of local seafood restaurants where you can try the authentic seafood such as crab, shrimp, squid, clam and fish. You must have a good taste.

    Be filled with local life, Sanya Bay is a must-see when your have a trip to Hainan.