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Sanya Travel
  • Sanya Food
    Favorite Sanya Dishes
    Wenchang Chicken
    Wenchang Chicken got its name from the place of its origin, Hainan’s Wenchang City. Being oily, tasty, tender, smooth and scrumptious, Wenchang Chicken is popular with both the local people and tourists who can enjoy it at most hotels in Sanya.
    Jiaji Duck
    Jiaji Duck is abundant in Jiaji Town, Qionghai City of Hainan. It is said that Jiaji Duck was introduced by the overseas Chinese from Malaysia 300 hundred years ago, so it is also known as “foreign duck”. The appearance of Jiaji Duck is different from both the local duck and Beijing Duck. Because of the special breeding methods used in Jiaji Town, the Jiaji Duck characteristically has lots of tender breast meat, thin skin, soft bones, , and delicious fat. This local treat can be eaten at most hotels in Sanya.
    Dongshan Goat
    Dongshan Goat also got its name from its birthplace, Dongshan Ridge, in Wanning City. Dongshan Goat has been famous since the Song Dynasty, and was once listed as tribute to the court. The delicious meat can be prepared in a variety of ways such as frying, stewing and boiling, and is widely available in Sanya’s hotels and restaurants.
    Hele Crab
    Hele Crab is a traditional dish originating from Hele Town, Wanning County in Hainan. Hele Crab is famous for its hard shell, rich meat and full crab roe, and can be cooked by steaming, boiling, frying or roasting, though steaming is considered the best method to bring out the full flavor of Hele Crab. Eating Hele Crab is considered to be beneficial to nourishing the bone marrow and liver, muscles and tendons, and promoting good blood circulation. A good place to eat Hele Crab is Lexin Hotel, located on Lesanjiao Road.
    Sanya Transportation
    Phoenix Airport has 106 flights of which 103 are national direct and 3 international flights. As well, more than 20 flights are continuing tourism charter flights. Altogether the flights connect with 63 cities, including 23 international cities. Phonenix Airport is located 11 kilometers away from Sanya city in the northwest. Bus is the most convenient and economical way to reach the city; 10 yuan from the airport exit to Jiefang 1 Road right in the heart of the urban area.
    Sanya Railway Station is the southernmost train station in China. Currently there are only three trains at Sanya Railway Station, which connect Sanya with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. When taking the train, travelers can see tropical forests and enjoy the sea view along the way.
    Public Bus
    Transportation in Sanya is very convenient. The buses will lead you to every county and region in the city as well as every scenic spot and area. Their main line is from Dadonghai to Minhang station with a distance of 10 kilometers. The bus will stop at the stations in intervals of about 500 meters or at your waving it down to board. Also, new tourism lines have been opened from the city center to Yalong Bay, the End of the Earth and the Corner of the Sea and Nanshan Cultural Tourist Zone. The buses run on these lines every hour are No.2 and No.4 buses. Cost is 1 to 4 yuan.
    Sanya has altogether more than 1000 taxis with a round sign symbolizing Sanya city on the car top and of different models, mainly VW Santana, VW Jetta and Toyota Xiali, providing passengers with sound service. Paying RMB5 for the taxi cost, you can get to the city center but to the scenic spots you should bargain with the taxi driver first. Generally speaking, from city center you have to pay RMB25 to Sanya Bay, RMB10 to Dadonghai beach and RMB 50 to Yalong Bay.
    There are three main lines leading passengers to every corner of the province, the east, middle and west lines. Each day, up to a hundred. coaches depart from Sanya Passenger's Station to other counties and cities in Hainan Province.
    With the main station being located at No.16, Jiefang 2 Rd, passengers can take coaches to go other places from here. The coaches running between Sanya and Haikou depart every 20 minutes commencing at 7.00a.m and the last one leaving at 11.00p.m. Two standards of coaches are available, luxury and standard; it is your choice. In addition, about 20 long-distance coaches are available for you to go to Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi and other provinces everyday.
    The Port Now open is the Sanya Port for passengers. One of the most luxurious steamships in the world, the Lion Star has commenced sailing the regular Hong Kong- Sanya- Vietnam line.  It is very fast (over 24 mph) and has in excess of 980 guestrooms with capacity for 1960 passengers on board.
    Renting Cars
    It is a good choice to rent a car to drive around Hainan Island. Haiqi Self-driving Co, Ltd in Hainan has lots of cars and minibuses of 30 kinds for renting, varying from the most economical Xiali to the most luxurious Benz with a daily rent fee from 160 yuan to 1500 yuan. You may need a deposit to rent one.
    Sanya Weather
    The Table Shows the Monthly Sanya Climate
    Month Avg.
    High( °C ) Avg.
    High( °F ) Avg.
    Low( °C ) Avg.
    Low( °F ) Avg.
    Precip. mm Avg.
    Precip. in
    Jan 20.8 69.44 14.6 58.28 21.6 0.85
    Feb 22.0 71.6 15.7 60.26 34.2 1.35
    Mar 25.7 78.26 18.6 65.48 51.3 2.02
    Apr 29.5 85.1 21.9 71.42 105.9 4.17
    May 32.0 89.6 24.2 75.56 182.8 7.19
    Jun 32.6 90.68 25.1 77.18 211.1 8.31
    Jul 33.1 91.58 25.2 77.36 210.0 8.27
    Aug 32.1 89.78 24.9 76.82 224.8 8.85
    Sep 30.6 87.08 24.2 75.56 250.9 9.88
    Oct 28.3 82.94 22.4 72.32 201.1 7.92
    Nov 25.1 77.18 19.5 67.1 97.2 3.83
    Dec 22.1 71.78 16.1 60.98 34.1 1.34
    Sanya Shopping
    Sanya Shopping Areas
    Honggang Market
    Hongqi Shopping Street
    The 1st Market

    Jiefang Road Pedestrian Street
    Shangpin Street Summer Mall
    Pearl Square Yifang Department Store Tianhong Shopping Center
    Jiayuan Shopping Center  

    Top Things to Buy in Sanya
    Pearl Products Crystal Products Seashells products Coconut products
    Coffee Products Dried fruits  Island  clothes Dried sea food
    Sanya Nightlife
    Bars and Cafes in Sanya
    Allen Club
    Be There or Be Square
    Colombia Café
    Times Coast Bar Street
    Zuoan Coffee & Bar
    Shows and Performances in Sanya
    Sanya Pearl Cinema
    Sanya Universal Theater
    Times Cinema