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In central Yunnan, the Gaomiao a shimmering lake, akin plateau dazzling mosaic of a glistening pearl, which is the ancient "Dian Naze," because from Kunyang City recently, it was also known as "Kunyang Lake" that is, people familiar with the "500 in Dianchi Lake." She describes the poet of the past: 1000 ares Queensland Chi Hao Yang Ming,the towering gas Bath Hung,Daoying Qunfeng to mirror, six-swallowing River into chest.
Plateau is located in the beautiful lakeside city of Kunming is Chuncheng. Kunming is the capital of Yunnan Province in central Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, surrounded by mountains, south of Dianchi Lake,6 River horizon, the middle Yimabengchuan formed Gaoyuworang Kunming Bazi.

Kunming, Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau is located in the central part of town elevation 1,891 meters. South Dying Dianchi Lake, surrounded on three sides by mountains. A low-latitude mountain plateau monsoon climate, due to the Indian Ocean southwest of the impact of warm air, sunshine long Shuangqi short, the average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. A mild climate, without the sweltering heat of summer, not winter cold, spring-like Four Seasons, a pleasant climate is extremely prestigious "Spring City." There is a poem describing their predecessors for it is characterized by: Kunming can be no Qiu, light cotton Sanfu Khan not flow, plum flowers midwinter full-Fang, Liu Shu-year-old new leaf will be crowded. December annual March of the next year, a group escape the North Sea wind Gongzuiou, Molitiaotiao from afar, and with Habitat in Kunming city.

Kunming is the natural landscape and cultural landscape and vibrant place. A long history, unique geological structure, Kunming left a large number of cultural relics and scenic spots. Kunming is a development of the international tourist city, at present, has become a center for the World Expo to collect the natural scenery and ethnic customs as one of the four seniors-tourist destination.

Kunming altitude from 746 to 4247 m, covering 15,942 square kilometers, and built-up areas of 98 square kilometres, Panlong Territory, five Chinese, Western Hills, Guandu District, and four Chenggong, Jinning, tranquillity, the people, Songming, Yiliang, South Road , Luquan eight counties. Population 3635212 people, Han, Yi, Hui and white, Miao, Mongolia, 25 national and ethnic minorities, accounting for 12.6 percent of the population, urban population of 1611969 people.