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Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of PRC, is located in the southern part of China, which had been considered to be the oriental pearl for many years. She is consists of Hong kong island, Kowloon peninsula, New Territories, Lantau Island and more than 260 outlying islands. And Hong Kong Island is the center of economy, politics, entertainment and shopping.

One of the most striking characteristics of Hong Kong is this interweaving of seeming contradictions and the interplay of the exotic and the technically advanced. There are as many skyscrapers here as you can see anywhere, but they are built with bamboo scaffolding and in accordance with the principles of feng shui. Historic trams rumble through Central, while below ground is one of the most efficient subways in the world, complete with the world's first "contactless" tickets, cards that can be used over a scanner without even taking them out of your purse or wallet. The city has what are arguably some of the best and most sophisticated and luxury restaurants in the world, but it also has dai pai dong, street-side food stalls, grand mansions and penthouses, office blocks and so on. Hong Kong is home to one of the world's largest shopping malls, however, the makeshift street markets can be seen virtually in each corner.

Hong Kong occupies an area of 1,104 square kilometers and own a population of over 6,970,000. Most people are Chinese and speak Cantonese and English, although Mandarin is becoming more popular in Hong Kong now. Most tourism staff and taxi drivers can speak fluent English. So it is very convenient for travelers to visit Hong Kong. The more you search for in Hong Kong, the more you will find. Join us, you can explore its sightseeing, shopping, dining and other highlights by yourself!