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Chinese Kungfu
  • Chinese martial arts, also known as Wushu or Kungfu, is a sport that utilizes both brawn and brain. Wu means military and shu means art, thus Wushu means the art of fighting or martial arts. Being a complex art form, Chinese martial arts is not only a traditional sport, but also combines Chinese philosophy, meditation, aesthetics, ethnics and physical exercise. It is exactly a highly demanding sport that trains one’s physical ability, health, willpower and mental discipline. Chinese martial arts, which is learned by numerous Chinese people centuries

    ago, is a precious cultural heritage accumulated by Chinese people from a long-time social practice. It is one of the typical demonstrations of traditional Chinese culture. It is so popular that Chinese martial arts is not only practiced by the Chinese people, but also people all over the world!

    Chinese martial arts can be divided into various categories. Such as external and internal, the difference between external and internal styles can refer to whether the strength is from the torso and legs (internal) or whether the strength is derived from training of the more specific arm and leg muscles (external). Chinese martial arts can also be categorized by location, as in northern and southern, referring to what part of China the styles originated from; It may even be classified based on their province or city. Also, it can be divided according to religion, imitative-styles, and more. There are distinctive differences in the training between different groups of the Chinese martial arts regardless of the type of classification.
    Chinese martial arts can be practiced solo, paired or as a group, barehanded or armed with ancient Chinese weapons. With century’s development, Wushu developed into many systems and styles. The most famous systems include Shaolin Temple system and Mt. Wudang System. Shaolin system has hundreds of styles, such as Chang quan, Nan quan, Taiji quan, Xingyi quan, Bagua quan. The former two belong to the external style which emphasizes physical strength and abilities while the latter three belong to the internal style that depends upon internal power-qi.

    Shaolin Martial Arts
    Shaolin Kungfu, which refers to a collection of Chinese martial arts, originated in the Shaolin Temple on Songshan Mountain at Dengfeng in Henan Province. The founder of the Shaolin Quan was an Indian monk, Bodhi-dharma but he know nothing at all about Chinese Chuan. Shaolin Quan was the manifestation of the wisdom of the monks of the temple, secular Wushu masters and army generals and soldiers. Shaolin martial arts include boxing, stick art, spear art, sword art and so on.

    The Shaolin school is very popular in secular society with numerous followers. Over the years it was enriched theoretically and its techniques perfected to form a colossal system of fist fight. Compactness is a feature of the Shaolin school. The moves and tricks of this school are short, simple and succinct as well as versatile. While fighting, Shaolin boxers would advance and retreat straight forwardly. They need only a small space to execute their style of fist fight which is described as "fighting along a single straight line." Shaolin Quart is powerful and speedy with rhythmic rising and falling of body movements. It stresses hardness of actions and blows but it also advocates softness in support of the hardness. The motto of the Shaolin fist fight says "hardness first and softness second." When jabbing or palming, the arm is required to be neither bent nor straight, in an attempt to blend external and internal forces.

    Nowadays, Chinese Wushu has been modernized. Retaining its fighting function, Wushu becomes a more athletic and aesthetic performance and competitive sport. China Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival is held twice a year. More and more foreigners come to learn Chinese Kungfu.