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Quanjude roast duck
Brief Introduction of the Group
  • QUANJUDE, a famous historied brand of China, was established in 1864 (the third year of Tongzhi of Qing dynasty). During the 136 years, QUANJUDE has experienced business vicissitudes and survived the arduous ordeal of time. Throughout the years, QUANJUDE dishes have been greatly enriched due to developing and innovation.
  • With its long history, Quanjude roast duck enjoys a high reputation among domestic and overseas consumers for the peculiar roast technique and outstanding quality. It ranks the first not only in Chinese Famous Dishes, compiled by all-China famous chefs under the organization of Ministry of Commerce in 1958, but also in Elite of Chinese Famous Dishes, published by China and Japan in 1982. In many cases, Quanjude lists the first among famous restaurants.
  • The well-known All-Duck Banquet is headed by QUANJUDE roast duck and supported by over 400 dishes with QUANJUDE characteristic flavor. Government leaders, officials and VIPs from nearly 200 countries and regions have visited QUANJUDE roast duck restaurants and had dinner here.
  • The foundation of China Beijing Quanjude Group ooon May 20th of 1993 ushers in a new episode for QUANJUDE . The Group set its developing strategy as taking advantage of QUANJUDE brand and expanding the business by scaling, modernizing and franchising with quality playing the crucial role. Since the implementation of the strategy, QUANJUDE’s business has been booming and more positive meanings are being brought to the image of the old renowned brand. Currently, the Group has over 60 company-owned and franchised restaurants in China. The annual sales reaches 500 millions yuan (RMB); the number of roast duck annually sold amounts over 2 millions; guests annually entertained top 5 millions. The Group lists one of the largest food service enterprises in China with 600 millions yuan (RMB) of assets and 700 millions yuan (RMB) of intangible assets.
  • In January of 1999, QUANJUDE was awarded the title of “China Renowned Trademark”, which is the first and unique case as of now in the service trade. This honor also contributes to QUANJUDE’s image of high quality, excellent taste, rich and profound culture.
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