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Shanghai Tours
Lying in the most eastern part of China and the estuary of the Yangtze River, Shanghai, also called “Paris of the Orient”, is one of the most developed cities in China. It is the cultural, financial, trading and industrial center of China and world-famous international metropolis. In history, Shanghai was used to be a small village, but fortunately, from 1842 AD she became one of the earliest treading ports of china, and developed in a high speed and finally became the largest city of China in 1949 AD. Many merchants from all over the world do business in Shanghai. At present, Shanghai covers an area over 6340.5 square kilometers. Keeping advantage of China on economy, scientific research, education, and service business, Shanghai also achieved the right to host World Expo in 2010, there's no doubt that it will be a great chance to be a window of China. Although Shanghai does not have so many ancient relics as Xian and Beijing, her well-known modernized tourism resources entice travelers and visitors from all over the world to come to delight its shopping heavens and wide variety of entertainment or simply to experience the glitz of China’s most cosmopolitan city. Those landmark buildings of shanghai, such as Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jinmao tower and international center have become the symbol of china at present. There are also some famous sightseeing including the Bund, Yuyuan Garden, Nanjing Road, Longhua Temple, etc.