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The Emperors Choice Tour

The Emperor's Choice Tour offers a unique opportunity to visit the great cities of China. Our spectacular journey begins from Beijing, the capital of China.The grand Great Wall, the splendid golden roofs of the Forbidden City, the historic Tiananmen Square and the poetic Summer Palace are the symbol of this amazing city and reflect Beijing's imperial splendor.  After having a deep impression of Beijing, we will travel to Xian, the ancient capital in Chinese history. It is the capital of 13 dynasties for about 1140 years. There are 72 emperors' mausoleums around Xian. It is said that Xian is one of the oldest cities in the world with a vivid and rich history and culture. It is not only the birthplace of the Chinese Nation, but also the birthplace of human civilization in Asia and the cultural center of prehistoric civilization. As such, Xian has a wealth of historical sites and relics to visit and see and is a great place to introduce you to Chinese history. The must-see attractions are the wonder Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses, the ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda that houses sacred Buddhist script brought from India at a time when religions were born and Huaqing Hot Spring with a historically romantic love story. The following destination is Shanghai, the bustling commercial heart of China, known as the "Paris of the East", is a city full of stately European buildings. Tour in Shanghai, you will have feelings of modernization. Twisting streets, lined with teahouses, shops and restaurants carry us along to some of the city's best scenic spots such as the Bund, Yuyuan Garden, Jade Buddha Temple and Nanjing Road. Guilin is another must-visit city in China, Guilin landscape is remarkable, so the saying goes, never miss Guilin during your visit to China. Join the Emperor's Choice Tour, you will visit many natural wonders such as Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave and the Seven Star Park. Even more special is journey south through Guilin's breath-taking countryside and drift down the Li River. Liquid River, green mountains, cormorant fishermen, and the boundless beauty of the landscape come to life like the gentle strokes of an artist's scroll.

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